23 examples of popular benefits 2023: We guarantee you haven't heard of numbers 13 and 22 yet!

Workation, hairdresser and book club: You can get creative with the benefits for your team. Nevertheless, job ads often list the same 5 benefits. With a little variety, you'll be remembered and get the attention of professionals. For inspiration and support, check out this list of 23 popular benefits for 2023. Best of all, there's one to suit budgets large and small.

Steven Knaack

July 26, 2023

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It also goes cheap

As with everything, the labor market is also getting used to benefits. A fruit basket, free coffee or remote work are now more of a standard than a benefit in many industries. If you want to keep up with such companies and attract new professionals, you don't necessarily have to spend more money. Because benefits are about valuing your employees. Sure, the financial benefits are nice and offer incentives, but often small events, routines or gestures are enough to create a better working atmosphere. 

Here you will find popular benefits for 2023, some of which are already very common, while others are completely new. Depending on your budget, you can adapt the benefits to your situation: For example, you can go to the hairdresser and get a haircut for your team if things are going well. If you have to watch the money you can subsidize your team or just provide the offer. Even if the cut itself is paid for, it's a practical benefit because your team saves time and waiting time. 

Find the right benefits

You can take ideas from the list, adapt them to your team's needs, or use the energy to come up with the next banger yourself! Let's take a look together and then I'll give you some tips on how to get from idea to benefit.

23 ideas for attractive benefits in 2023

  1. Massage/Physiotherapy: Give your team time off and increase well-being! Healthy and relaxed employees are more productive and get sick less. A massage or physiotherapy is a real relaxation in the moment and also has a preventive effect against tension and stress.

  1. Workation: Hardly anything welds the team together and creates memories like a team outing. A workation is like a vacation together, where work is done during the day. In the afternoon, the team can explore the surroundings, get to know each other better or take surfing lessons, for example. Whether it's the Uckermark or Mallorca, the change of scenery is a nice change for everyone. 

  1. Sabbatical: Don't say goodbye, but see you soon! Sabbaticals are especially popular with Gen-Z, Gen-Y and Millenials. By offering a break or pre-work, your team can fulfill their travel plans and then return to your company full of experience. That way, you prevent valuable expertise from leaving.

  1. Office Yoga: The relaxed start to a productive day. Take a deep breath together with your team and do something for a strong and relaxed body. Yoga is the ideal balance to office jobs and can easily start with a mat and a Youtube video. Maybe there's someone in the team who would like to try their hand at being a yoga coach. 

  1. Shared lunches or lunch money: This saves your employees from searching for a meal option, preparing at home, and brings the team together. Lunch days are definitely the highlight of the week!

  1. Vaccination in the office: Protect your team and save them the trip to the doctor. Getting a flu shot during working hours is not the typical benefit, but it definitely has advantages. Important: Make it voluntary and respect the decision of your employees.

  1. Plum exchange or voucher for table plants: Plants have a positive effect on mood, promote productivity and well-being. You can establish a monthly exchange for seedlings. To boost the stock, a voucher for a table plant is a good way for your employees to green up their tables.

  1. Individual Feelgood Days: Some companies offer their team 4 "No Bock" days per year. All team members can take these as they wish and recharge their batteries on the day. Special leave is also suitable for family outings or caring for relatives.

  1. Preventive counseling and education on physical and mental health: This not only creates an open climate, but also improves the well-being of your employees. Show them that they are not alone and motivate them to take care of their mind and body. 

  1. Rent out your fleet: Got a company fleet that doesn't get used on the weekends? Perfect, then you can allow your team to go on an excursion or visit the hardware store without them having to buy a car themselves.

  1. Coaching and further education: Whether it's professional topics or private interests, if your team wants to learn, you can be happy and supportive! This promotes a learning culture and motivates your employees to continue their education. You benefit from new knowledge and an active team.

  1. Support with daycare through to company daycare places: This makes you more attractive to professionals with families and family planning, and takes the pressure off your team. Together with other companies in the region, great partnerships can be created for this major project.

  1. Hairdresser in the office: probably the most unusual benefit but also super practical. A fresh haircut can be quite stressful in everyday life. It helps when the haircut comes to you. With this benefit, you'll not only be remembered for job applications, but it will also give your employees something to talk about during the next small talk. Who can answer the question "That looks good, where were you at the hairdresser?" with "In the office"?

  1. Individual discount vouchers for private consumption: Your team has different needs for your everyday products. Discount platforms or vouchers are the ideal way to support the whole team. Because the benefit is as individual as your team's needs, because everyone can use the discounts for their own purposes. One colleague is happy about new sports gear, the colleague saves on the purchase of a new shelf and a third person simply needs cleaning supplies. You take the pressure off your team when it comes to their everyday purchases, and you can even promote sustainable living. Access to the platforms is often even free. The ideal complement for your benefits.

  1. Language travel (in conjunction with remote work): Educating your employees is always worth an allowance. Depending on your clients and industry, an additional language can also be beneficial for dealing with your clientele. You can subsidize the cost of language school, accommodation or excursions and thereby further educate your team. 

  1. Job ticket & job bike: Mobility is a basic need. With leasing offers for bicycles or the local transport ticket, you promote the sustainable lifestyle of your employees and also relieve them in everyday life.

  1. Urban Sports or club allowance: Active employees are better rested, more productive and stay healthy. Your team's leisure activities also have an impact on the workday! With the flexible offers of Urban Sports Club, Hansefit or other regional providers, you are guaranteed to find the right solution for your team.

  1. Special leave for volunteering: Commitment and job go hand in hand. This benefit supercharges your employer brand and positions you with clear values. When your employees do volunteer work, they are supporting society. You can reward this attitude and retain them. 


  1. Relaxation corner in the office: In between meetings, why not take a break on the yoga mat, Blackroll or simply lie down on the couch for 5 minutes? With a relaxation corner in the office, you can take the pressure off your team's daily routine and give them room for creative ideas.

  1. Discovery budget: We travel the world and miss how beautiful the lake two cities. Especially for team members who have moved in, a monthly allowance for excursions is a great way to settle in to their new place of work. And even longtime locals are guaranteed to have a list they want to check off.

  1. Team Events: Doesn't sound that new, unless you're rethinking it. Maybe you can help out at the local animal shelter, take a trip together in the region, or play a game remotely. It's a great way to lighten the load and bring the team together.

  1. Book club and company library: Reading not only promotes expression, but also imagination. With a BILLY shelf and your favorite books, the corporate library gets started. A club can also be created via Kindle or Thalia libraries. The next stage is then the weekly book club. No matter how, the books will stimulate exchange within the team.

  1. Home office equipment: Remote work has become standard and offers access to many new professionals. A subsidy for professional setup makes your team's everyday work easier and is a clear argument for your company!

Now you have a great selection of ideas from me and probably already a few favorites or your own ideas in your head. Write everything down and collect them for the next team meeting!

From idea to benefit: Your next steps 

  1. Let your team decide:

Take your ideas and the items from the list to the team meeting and let your workforce decide. They are the ones who benefit and use the benefits, so it's better to hear their opinions. Also, be honest about why you are for or against a benefit. If you can't accept a proposal because the cost is too high, address it and listen to the alternatives or propose one yourself.

  1. Pay attention to the whole team:

Some of the benefits will only apply to a portion of your team. Not everyone has children and sees the company daycare center as a private benefit. This is not a criterion for excluding a benefit. Nevertheless, make sure that your selection includes benefits that are suitable for different life situations and work situations. A discovery bduget is also exciting for remote members, everyone benefits from a discount platform because it is used individually, and the company library can certainly be set up with e-books. Talk to the team and find a solution together.

  1. Align benefits with company culture:

Our actions determine how we are seen. For example, if you position yourself as particularly sustainable and regional, a workation on a nearby farm with an inn can be a good alternative to the Mallorca finca.

  1. Get involved with new things, too:

Just because you have an idea now or have established benefits once, doesn't mean the topic is over. Listen to ideas and feedback from the team and adjust the strategy regularly.


Benefits are more than foosball, soda pop and an outing. Anything your team likes can be a benefit. And it can be done inexpensively, because there are many ideas that can be implemented on a small budget. Share ideas with your team and come up with a solution together. You can take ideas from the list or use the energy to come up with your own. Have fun trying them out and putting them into practice!


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