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Finance & Technology

With a Tomorrow account, your money works for a better future - because unlike most banks, not a single cent goes to climate-damaging projects or companies. The account is not only sustainable, but also smart: with analyses of your spending, practical sub-accounts, automatic savings and much more, you can keep track of everything. Let your money work as a lever for positive change and open your account in just a few minutes.

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Every customer who signs up for an account using a discount code will receive 6 months of the Change account model free of charge, equivalent to €42.

*Important: Only create a discount code if it will definitely be used. Please treat the discount code confidentially and do not pass it on to third parties. It is not always possible to combine discounts. Further general information can be found on the brand website.

About Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a social business that was launched in 2018 by the founders Inas Nureldin, Jakob Berndt and Michael Schweikart with the vision of using money as a lever for positive change. Since its founding in 2018, Tomorrow has grown from an idea to a reality - with more than 100 employees and over 100,000 customers. Tomorrow has big plans and wants to become the leading digital sustainability bank in Europe in the long run and thus help to master the challenge of an entire generation. Because the future of this planet depends crucially on how we humans do business in the future.

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